M-Asia is your solution for product sourcing, order handling, quality control and shipment from Asia.
Your success is our mission.


We can help you look for the right product for the right price within the right time.

Product development

We help you improve your product through direct coordination with the manufacturer.


With our network of Chinese and Dutch freight forwarders, we always know how to realize the best deals to get your goods shipped by ship, by train, or by plane.

Quality control

We ensure that every step of production is carried out carefully and communicated in coordination with you to optimize your product.


The expertise of M-Asia reaches back more than a decade back when Vinod Gopani started his career in trade with China.

With a purchasing office in China and an office in the Netherlands, we are close to our customers and in direct connection with European demand and the Asian market.

We believe and understand how important it is for you to know the cost price and the production process.

We ensure that you are always up to date and that you keep an overview of what is going on. You always have the last word.

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M-Asia is your solution for product sourcing, order handling, quality control and shipment from Asia. Your success is our mission.


M-Asia is our partner in searching & finding the right supplier.
Having troubles finding the right supplier? Or the quality of your current supplier keeps changing?
M-Asia will give you the solution to your problem in China.
Because of his experience in China, they can help you with searching for the right supplier for your product. And understands what we need and expect as European customer. We give them 10/10 stars!



I have been working with M-Asia for 9 years. During this time I got to know Victor as someone who is reliable, knowledgeable and gets the most out of his customers. You can build on M-Asia!


Designer / Semi Wholesaler

We have found a reliable importer in M-Asia and have been doing business with this company for years. At this company, the customer really comes first!


Semi Wholesaler / retailer

M-Asia made sure that we started our own productions in Asia for the first time. We received valuable guidance from Vic, honest advice, perfect service, good quality checks, and clear communication. A description that normally is impossible when it comes to productions in Asia. His knowledge of culture, language but also European wishes regarding quality and legislation made our projects successful. I often recommend M-Asia services to friends or relations without a doubt. I would like to provide more information about my recommendation or the projects if needed.


Buying manager

We have been working with M-asia and are very pleased with this company. Problems are solved immediately and on a personal level. We like to work with M-asia because it works on the European demand with the best Chinese suppliers, available 24/7 and thinks in solutions. In short, we recommend M-asia to anyone who expects 100% effort and service from China at the best prices and best quality.


Retail / Semi Wholesaler

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